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Try These Daring Super Bowl Recipes!

Feeling adventurous?

The Super Bowl! For most, this means either hosting a party or going to a party. But what to make? Chips and salsa? Cold cuts? Vegetables and dip? Chicken wings? <—Boring!

Time to think outside of the box. We have compiled 17 of the most unusual recipes from across the interweb. Try some of these on your friends and family to make the next party truly memorable!

17. Boloney Cake

balogney cake whiz

Yes, it sounds terrible. But, it is not actually cake, it is only supposed to look like a cake. It is actually very simple and fun to make. The recipe calls for mixing up cream cheese with onion and Worcestershire sauce and garnishing with Cheese Whiz; but you could probably just use plain cream cheese to simplify the recipe even more.

Recipe found at end of slideshow

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