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Fashion Trends from 2015 That Need to Go

Each year designers and fashionistas come out with styles that they hope will catch on with the masses. And every year has some hits and misses. There were some definite hits this year. I must say I love the ruffles, chunky knits, and ankle boot trends from 2015. Unfortunately, there were a few trends this year that were less than stellar. As we move into 2016 I am happy to leave the following unflattering fashions in the past.

High Waisted Pants


This is definitely one of my least favorites, and it keeps coming back into the fashion rotation every few years. Having my pants climbing high up over my belly button does not create the illusion of a long lean silhouette. It does in fact create the appearance of a ginormous long butt paired with a poochy belly. I am positive this trend was not conceived by the average woman, rather possibly by a vain skinny woman who wants everyone around them to look atrocious to boost their own low self-confidence. Also, I know of no man that finds this style attractive. Why any woman would choose to make her ass look misshapen and super elongated on purpose is beyond me.

80s high waisted jeans light blue wash 1980s levis 501 tapered high waist vintage mom jeans

Crop Tops


Don’t be fooled by this stylish pic! This is not how most people look in a crop top.

Ugh. Why did the crop top come back in style? You may be thinking that you are cute and classy, but this top more often than not comes across trashy. Crop tops are not made for most people. The vision in your mind is of a lean taught belly framed by a sweet and flirty crop top, (See Photo above). What the worlds sees is a slightly chubby belly in an ill-fitting too small of top.  Not to mention, the perfect storm of hideousness is paring of high waisted pants or shorts (see Trend #3), with a crop top. Just…why? The raising of the waist to cover your too big of belly does not make a crop top a good pairing. Really.

Tiny Cut-Off Denim Shorts

High-Waisted-Shorts-Denim-With-Leopard-Print-ShoesOk. These are just horrific. A pair of these shorts can take a cute girl with a fit body and make her look well-toned ass look like a mom butt! These tattered rags take the once again terrible trend of a high waist and pairs it with tattered ragged edges that skim the edge of your butt cheeks. If that isn’t bad enough, most wearers choose a ridiculously tight pair that dig in to the upper thighs bulging the flesh out around the tattered edges. Don’t fall for the Pinterest pics…Chloe Sevingy has it right, they look like “denim underwear”.

70’s Inspired Fashion Prints and Styles


Harper’s Bazaar likes you to think that these 70’s inspired trends are chic and on point, but we know as regular folks who don’t buy Valentino and Gucci, that these styles are a hot mess. By the time these trends make it from NY Fashion Week to our neighborhood Forever 21 they have degraded dramatically. The once must have fringe, bold prints and patchwork pieces from the magazines turns into awkwardly fitting super-flare jeans from Old Navy, oversized funky print tops from Forever 21, and a faux suede fringe bag from Wet Seal, making our “street style” look more like we are in costume.

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