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Last Minute Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

(How to stay sane when surrounded by frenzied mobs of people)

You have procrastinated long enough; now it is time to finish your holiday shopping. No, we are not suggesting you buy your gifts online. It is too late for that; you need to actually go to the local mall. I know, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what is necessary. But how are you going to survive? Below are some tips to help you make it through:


Make a List

And check it twice. Don’t be too specific; at the bare minimum write down the names of the people you need to buy gifts for, with check boxes next to each. As you buy gifts throughout the day, be sure to check people/gifts off as you go. This way you are less likely to give up, as you can see you are making progress.

Go with a Loved One!

This is very important, as this is definitely a situation where more is really the merrier. A friend, family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse; most will do. The best thing is, bringing a loved one can actually help to make your trip to the mall enjoyable! Sharing in the mayhem makes for memorable experiences and creates deeper bonds.   If you are particularly close, be sure to institute a “No Complaining” rule before you go.

mall parking

Park Close to a Movie Theater or Restaurant

One of the worst things about going to the mall is finding parking. The best places are near movie theaters or restaurants. Both of these venues are full of people who are constantly coming or going; thus freeing up prime parking spots. Also, if you park near a restaurant, it transitions nicely to the next tip…..


Grab a beverage before you shop

The best thing, of course, would be to get a cocktail or a beer; as an adult beverage helps you to literally get into the holiday spirt right away. Crowds won’t bother you as much, and it will be easier for you to make gift decisions. If you can’t go this route, even getting a coffee or a tea will do. Whatever relaxes you; it’s more about comfort than anything else. Because facing the hordes of zombie mall shoppers will require all of your patience and strategy.

Start at the Weird Gag-gift Shops

These shops are usually a little bit hidden away from the rest of the stores, so are usually less crowded than the larger stores. You probably don’t actually want to buy anything here, but it can start your mind thinking creatively for when you brave the big department stores.

walkoutside mall

Take Quick Breaks to Walk Outside

This is vitally important, as it helps to prevent “Mallaria”. The mall is always too warm, and makes you feel tired and dizzy. Taking frequent breaks to walk outside will keep you cool, fresh, and alert throughout your shopping trip.

Finish Strong!

Just as you are getting close to the end you will feel, unreasonably, like you will never be able to get everything done. None of the gifts you have already purchased seem to be quite right, and you still have many more people to buy things for. This is natural; push through it! You will attain the “non-caring zone”, which is the highest, most efficient state of holiday shopping. Trust me, you will be done in no time!

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