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Fantasy Football is over-What Now?

There are probably other things you can do with your life….

Your fantasy football season is now over. Hopefully you won, but whether you won or lost you now have a lot of time on your hands. If you are like me, you spent hours upon hours doing research throughout the season checking injury updates, game stats, and even weather reports for the upcoming games your fantasy players were playing in. This, along with all of the time you spent watching NFL games including teams you normally would have never watched unless you were playing fantasy sports (Titans, Falcons, any team from the NFC East) kept you entertained and out of trouble for a good quarter of the year. Now what? It is a real quandary. Here are some activities which may be able to help fill in the time until the 2017 fantasy season.


Reconnect With Loved Ones

It is very likely you have been (unwittingly) ignoring your favorite loved one. It could be your spouse, friend, your kids, etc., but you really should have been spending more time with them. Now is the time to make up for it! Spend as much time with them as possible before your next fantasy football draft. So much, in fact, that they get sick of you, and can’t wait themselves for you to start a new season.



No, I don’t mean read about fantasy football. Not yet, wait at least until May or June. You should try reading an actual book. Yes, I am sure there must be some good books out there to read. Maybe google “top rated books in 2015”, or something like that. Anyway, you need to figure this out yourself, I’m just here to provide you with ideas.


Go To the Gym

Now is the time to get in shape! Go to the gym, it is cold outside. Yes, I know, you probably went at least a couple times during the fantasy season. But this time is different; you won’t have those football games on in the background to distract you. Start with cardio; you really need that. It also looks like you could use more muscle, so better try weights too. Hey, no quitting, this isn’t easy. Remember, your goal is to be in tip top shape when the next season starts.


Explore Your City

Wherever stupid place you live there are probably a lot of popular tourist places that, as a resident, you rarely go. Try exploring your city or state as if you are a tourist! Go visit the biggest ball of string west of the Mississippi, visit a ghost town, or play catch with a salmon at the local smelly fish market. Or try wine tasting; there seem to be wineries everywhere now a days. Sure, most wine tastes the same, but the point is to take your mind off your FF obsession. And there is a good chance the people you meet at wineries won’t be talking fantasy sports.


Prepare For Next Year

If the above activities don’t do it for you, you can always jump right in and start preparing for next year. Watch some college bowl games to look for upcoming NFL stars. As soon as the regular NFL football season ends, start gathering stats to use to update all of those spreadsheets you prepared for the 2015 fantasy draft. Use these to run your own game simulations. Read online fantasy articles, and keep track of all the coaching changes that happen at the end of the year. And, of course, watch the actual NFL draft. You can never really prepare too much; after all, there is nothing better than winning your fantasy football league!

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